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Welcome to Trev

As a team we are really pleased to announce that our very own Trev Stephen Parsons will be our second TT rider for this year. 

Trev joined the team in 2017 as our first Manx GP newcomer as part of our “Rising Star” project. He quickly proved his ability to ride the mountain course and has achieved podium finishes every year at the Manx GP since joining us. His battle with Matt Stevenson in the Junior & Senior GP’s in 2018 are still some of the best races seen at that event & his entry into “The Tommy Club” last year just goes to show the progress Trev has made. 

It had always been our aim to progress our MGP newcomer through to the TT and the 3 years Trev has spent competing in this event will set him up well as he now steps up to the TT in May. 

I’m sure you’ll all give your support to Trev as you’ve always done. We’d like to thank our new title sponsor Jon & his team at Incontango Training for their support in enabling us to help more young up & coming riders like Joe & Trev. We also extend our thanks to the Mike Hailwood Foundation who were so supportive of Trev during his years at the Manx GP.

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