For 2016 alongside our ever popular peoplesbike sponsorship scheme, we are offering race fans the opportunity to help directly with some of the expenses of our rider Seamus Elliott at this years TT.

Seamus and the team will compete in the six lap Superbike race, four lap Superstock race and six lap Senior race. For each race Seamus will require a new set of tyres and approx 12 litres of fuel per lap.

If you would like to help Seamus, then you can do so in three different ways.....

1. You can purchase a rear race tyre for him at £180
2. You can purchase a front race tyre for him £100
3. Purchase a lap of fuel @£15 per lap

You can make your contribution via our donation section at the bottom of this page, all payments Go Via PayPal and are 100% secure.

If you would like to help in this way, we will allocate your donation to a specific race. We will be thanking everyone who has contributed to each race using social media live from the start grid.

No matter how large or small your contribution will make a real difference to Seamus and the team.

Sponsor TT 2016

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